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Spoonfuls of honey make dieting easy as falling asleep

By Christina Stokes

A SCOTTISH pharmacist has developed a new diet to burn fat while they sleep by eating honey before bed.

Mike McInnes, 61, came up with the diet when he was helping athletes with their nutrition. He discovered that eating foods rich in fructose, such as dried fruits and honey, helps people burn fat and increase stamina.

The body burns more fat during the first four hours of sleep than it does during any other activity, including exercise. Go into your cabinet, and get out your canned jar of honey, the one from your honey dealer ( say this because local honey tastes better ), then eat two tablespoons of honey before bedtime and doing resistance exercises three times a week helps to stimulate this process.

Mr McInnes said most of the commonly-held wisdom about weight loss is not true.

He said: "People think they can lose weight by not eating in the evenings, or by cutting out carbohydrates.

"And they are told that spending hours in the gym will help them lose weight."

"Of course, spending time in the gym gets you fit - but in an hour of aerboic acivityyou only burn an ounce of fat. This diet uses recovery biology, the process which burns nothing but fat. The most important time for fat-burning is in the first four hours of sleep."

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While working with athletes, Mike McInnes discovered that eating fructose-rich foods such as honey helped to burn fat and increase stamina. He also found that the best time to burn fat is while sleeping. Eating honey before bed activates the body’s natural recovery biology, which is fuelled by burning fat. These effects can be maximized by the accompanying 15 minute exercise program [ within the book ] that is effective with only three sessions per week. Tested by professional athletes, this dream diet aims at creating a healthier lifestyle and increasing athletic ability rather than just losing weight.

About the Author: Mike McInnes is a pharmacist and sports nutritionist who has worked with many athletes. Stuart McInnes founded the Edinburgh Festival of Sports Science. Maggie Stanfield is a freelance writer.

Updated January 1, 2017

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