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I will be glad to try and help you out with your problem or question, but please read below before you e-mail me ! The better the information you give me, the better my response will be to you.

If you are asking me about a bee hive, please give me the details about where this hive is located, i.e., Is it outside hanging from a tree ? - If you can actually see the whole hive where is it precisely and most importantly what is the color of it ? [ If it is gray and looks like paper it is not a honey bee hive, it is a paper wasp hive and you don't need to worry about it as they will die when the weather gets real cold and it will fall apart during the winter ] Is it hanging from under the eaves of your roof ? In other words give me some details about what you see.

Check out my web page on Bee Identification to try and identify what type of bee or wasp are you talking about. Honey Bees are different looking from other kinds of bees.

If you think that honey bees have made a hive in your walls or ceilings, look outside and try to determine where the hole(s) is that is permitting them to enter your walls. Do not try spraying the bees coming and going from this hole if it is within reach. If you kill all the bees in this hive then there is no ventilation being provided and when the hot weather comes the honey will melt and seep thru your wall or ceiling. Read my web page about removing honey bees from walls before you e-mail me.

It may also be important for me to know where you live, i.e., what State or Country do you live in ? The differences in weather from where I am to where you are can effect my answer to you. Plus it may be best for me to try and put you in touch with a Beekeeping Association in your area or State.

All I am trying to do here is to get you to give me adequate information and sufficient details to enable me to give you the best answer that I can, so think about what you are writing before you hit the button to send me your e-mail.

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In Order to Locate a Beekeeper:

1. Look in your Yellow Pages under BEEKEEPER or HONEY.
2. Contact your County Extension Service, which may be listed under the name of your state’s agricultural university.
3. Ask your fire or police department. They often have lists of beekeepers who will take unwanted bees.

Updated January 1, 2017

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